A National Town Meeting on demand response + smart grid

Pre-Conference Workshops


If you’re interested in hosting a pre-conference workshop in conjunction with the 2015 National Town Meeting, please contact Jenny Senff (jenny.senff@demandresponsesmartgrid.org).


2014 Microgrid Workshop


The National Town Meeting was pleased to offer a pre-Town Meeting Workshop on one of today’s hottest topics in the electricity/utility world – Microgrids. This Workshop helped attendees understand what microgrids are and why everyone is talking about them. Attendees came away with an understanding of the technical and business sides of microgrids, as well as the policy aspects that can accelerate or delay their deployment. The Workshop was a combination of seminar, to convey an understanding of microgrids, and facilitated working sessions in which attendees collaborated on discussion and issue resolution related to expansion of microgrid deployment.



Monday, May 19, 2014

12:30 PM

Workshop Registration Opens


1:30-2:00 PM

Welcome and Opening Remarks


2:00-3:00 PM

Overview, Background, and Tutorial

Terry Mohn
CEO, General Microgrids & Chairman, Microgrid Alliance

  • What is a microgrid? How is it being defined?
  • What are the necessary/possible components of a microgrid?
  • How are microgrids different from DG?
  • How does a microgrid operate? What are its capabilities?
  • What are the benefits to an owner/operator of a microgrid?
  • What kind of business models are evolving?
  • What kind of technical issues or barriers are there, if any?
  • What types of entities would benefit from and explore microgrids? Who would not?
  • Do microgrids need to be connected to the main grid? Are there integration issues?
  • Can utilities deploy microgrids?
  • What are some examples of microgrids that have been deployed?
  • What is the market for microgrids in the U.S. versus overseas?


3:00-3:15 PM



3:15-3:45 PM

Microgrid Policy

Dan Delurey
Executive Director, Microgrid Alliance

Elisa Wood
Editor, Energy Efficiency Markets

  • What policy exists at the Federal level? Is anything being pursued there?
  • What policy exists at the State level? What are the states trying to do on microgrid policy?
  • What are the policy barriers at either the Federal or State levels? At the local level?
  • What policy areas are impacted by microgrids?
  • What are the policy drivers for microgrids?
  • Where is funding available to assist microgrid developments?
  • Who is advocating for or against microgrids in the policy arena?


3:45-5:15 PM

Facilitated Discussion

Terry Mohn
CEO, General Microgrids & Chairman, Microgrid Alliance

Dan Delurey
Executive Director, Microgrid Alliance

Larisa Dobriansky
Senior Vice President – Regulatory and Energy Policy, General Microgrids

This part of the program will involve attendees breaking into small groups that discuss the issues and topics that were identified earlier in the workshop.  All groups will collaborate in one discussion at the end of the session. 


5:15-5:30 PM

Wrap Up and Adjournment


5:30-7:00 PM

National Town Meeting Welcome Reception at the National Press Club


Fee: $225 for registrants of the National Town Meeting, $275 for a single day.

All participants are invited to the opening reception of the National Town Meeting following the workshop to be held at the National Press Club.