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2015 workshop announced!

Tuesday, May 26

How to Align Distributed Energy Resources with Grid Value

A rapidly growing challenge for grid planning and operations is the integration of distributed energy resources, including demand response, energy efficiency, solar, battery storage, combined heat and power plants, and fuel cells. Deciding when and where distributed energy resources should be deployed to offset the need for transmission and distribution investments requires 1) a micro-level understanding of resource requirements; and 2) a framework for valuing resources with wide ranging characteristics on a comparable basis. To address this growing challenge, this workshop will provide guidance on how to:

  • Identify where and when distributed energy resources provide the most grid value
  • Determine the type of distributed energy resources needed in each location, depending on local load characteristics
  • Compare distributed energy resources with inherently different operating characteristics that may provide different value in different locations
  • Design programs, markets, pricing and procurement efforts to align distributed energy resources with grid value
  • Track, monitor and evaluate distributed energy resources to ensure that they deliver

This timely, practical guidance will be delivered by key experts who will summarize case studies related to building distributed energy resource valuation frameworks and applying those frameworks to utility transmission and distribution planning. The workshop will also include utility representatives who will talk about addressing the challenges related to distributed energy resource integration.

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Workshop only registration – $250
Workshop as an add-on to the Town Meeting – $200

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If you’re interested in hosting a pre-conference workshop in conjunction with the 2015 National Town Meeting, please contact Jenny Senff (jenny.senff@demandresponsesmartgrid.org).